The Friends of Charlemont High School established a scholarship program in 2023 to provide eligible students with financial assistance to complete their high school education and in some cases assistance to pursue tertiary education This scholarship is intended to cover tuition, books &/or other miscellaneous academic needs.


The scholarship is funded by contributions from individuals, organizations as well as monies raised in various fundraising activities put on by the Organization. Scholarships will be awarded at the beginning of each school year (September), to be renewed each year as long as student maintains the eligibility requirements.

The number of available scholarships will be announced annually. Each scholarship awarded will be up to a maximum of US$250.00. The amount of the award or number of available scholarships may change at any time.


To be eligible for consideration for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

a) Be a student in the seventh to eleventh grades at CHS.

b) Demonstrate financial need.

c) Be in good academic standing, having a B average/3.0 GPA or better in their first or prior year at CHS.

d) Maintaining a B average/GPA 3.0 or better while participating in the Program.

e) Participate in extra-curricular activities i.e. leadership, mentor, tutor, athletics, student government, community volunteer, Church, etc.

f) Good citizenship and conduct.

g) Submit an application for the scholarship along with an essay of 400-500 words.


Friends Of Charlemont has established its own Scholarship Committee (SC).

■ The office of the Guidance Counselor (GC) or CHS Designee review, select, and forward the most qualified candidates (about 12 – 15 applicants) to the SC. The GC/CHS Designee should send an official copy of the applicant’s last available report, an application form, and the student’s essay to the SC.

■ Recommendations for each new school year should be received no later than July 31st for final consideration.

■ Decision for the available scholarships will be made no later than August 31st for the school year beginning in September of that year.



Application Review

The SC is responsible for reviewing all applications and essays received and determine the qualified recipient(s) subject to funds availability. All applications/essays will be reviewed, and a decision made by the SC at The Friends of Charlemont Alumni Organization’s General Monthly Meeting held on the last Saturday in July.

The scholarship award will be made on or about August 1st each year. A notification will be forwarded to the Guidance Counselor/CHS Designee and the Scholarship Recipient advising them of the amount awarded.

Revision of Scholarship Program Guidelines

The Friends of Charlemont Organization reserves the right to review and modify the eligibility requirements of the Scholarship Program at any time. Recommendations from the QC/Scholarship Designee will be considered based on decisions regarding financial needs, academic performance, discipline, and extra-curriculum activities.

The Friends of Charlemont Organization reserves the right to award one or more scholarships in any school year subject to the availability of funds.


The office of the Guidance Counselor/CHS Designee is responsible for:

■ CHS is responsible for monitoring all scholarship recipients. A Mid-Term and/or Year-End progress report should be forwarded to the Organization on all scholarship recipients.

■ CHS is responsible to immediately inform the Organization of any issue(s) i.e. excessive absenteeism, grades below B/3.0 GPA etc., which could affect the renewal of a student’s scholarship award.

■ CHS to provide an itemized statement for each recipient of the funds used during the school year. The Organization must receive this statement no later than July 15th so that funds can be disbursed for payment in a timely manner.

■ CHS will advertise and inform ALL students of The Friends of Charlemont Organization’s Scholarship Program. Flyers and Applications Forms should be posted and make available throughout the school.


As condition for your application for a Scholarship, The Friends of Charlemont (FOCHS) reserve the right to use your name, image, voice, likeness, speech, and biographical information (“Likeness”) captured by photograph, videotape, and/or otherwise recorded by FOCHS (or its agents). FOCHS has the right to use your Likeness for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, as it may see fit. This grant of permission is made on a royalty-

free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive basis, and will apply in any media now known or later invented, and with the express understanding that I will not be given a right of approval or advance notice of any particular use of Likeness.

***If you choose not to consent to FOCHS having the right to use your information, doing so will not disqualify you from applying or receiving a scholarship***


Student must submit an essay describing his/her commitment to education and long-term career goals.

• Write a ONE-page Essay, approximate 400-500 words. The essay should be typed or neatly hand-written.

• Includes all of the following in your essay: your goals in life, what you want to become professionally, what or who influenced you in making these goals for yourself.

• In addition, include other interesting facts concerning your hobbies, your family, your volunteer work or responsibilities, etc.


• The recipient agrees to accept the decision of the Scholarship Committee as final.

• The recipient agrees that ALL funds received from the Association will be used for educational purposes.

• The recipient agrees to serve as a Youth Ambassador for the Friends of Charlemont while participating in the Program. In this capacity, he/she will help the Association to further their cause by including young people and helping with social media outreach, etc.

• After Graduation from CHS, the recipient will automatically become a Student Member of the Friends of Charlemont . (This does not exclude your participation/membership in other Alumni Organizations).


The Friends of Charlemont High School reserves the right to cancel any scholarship or aid awarded at any time, if the applicant fails to meet the standards of academic progress, any other scholarship requirements, or falsifies information reported.


The Friends of Charlemont High School, New York Organization Board reserves the right to terminate the Scholarship Program at any time, for any reasons whatsoever.


Deadline for submission of Scholarship Application Form Deadline for SC to make decision and notify Recipients.

July 31st 2023

August 31st 2023


All scholarship recipients having graduated from CHS will automatically be a member of the Friends of Charlemont High School

• Student will be a non-paying member as long as students is in 6th Form or attending University.

• Student will have all the rights and privileges of a voting member.

o Participate on various Committees.

o Serve as a Youth Ambassador for the FOCHS

o Serve as liaison between CHS and the FOCHS