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Application Review


The SC is responsible for reviewing all applications and essays received and determine the qualified recipient(s) subject to funds availability. All applications/essays will be reviewed, and a decision made by the SC at The Friends of Charlemont Alumni Organization’s General Monthly Meeting held on the last Saturday in July.


The scholarship award will be made on or about August 1st each year. A notification will be forwarded to the Guidance Counselor/CHS Designee and the Scholarship Recipient advising them of the amount awarded.


Revision of Scholarship Program Guidelines


The Friends of Charlemont Organization reserves the right to review and modify the eligibility requirements of the Scholarship Program at any time. Recommendations from the QC/Scholarship Designee will be considered based on decisions regarding financial needs, academic performance, discipline, and extra-curriculum activities.


The Friends of Charlemont Organization reserves the right to award one or more scholarships in any school year subject to the availability of funds.





The office of the Guidance Counselor/CHS Designee is responsible for:


  • CHS is responsible for monitoring all scholarship recipients. A Mid-Term and/or Year-End progress report should be forwarded to the Organization on all scholarship
  • CHS is responsible to immediately inform the Organization of any issue(s) i.e. excessive absenteeism, grades below B/3.0 GPA etc., which could affect the renewal of a student’s scholarship award.
  • CHS to provide an itemized statement for each recipient of the funds used during the school year. The Organization must receive this statement no later than July 15th so that funds can be disbursed for payment in a timely manner.
  • CHS will advertise and inform ALL students of The Friends of Charlemont Organization’s Scholarship Program. Flyers and Applications Forms should be posted and make available throughout the


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